Take your grill skills inside with this specialty pan

The Ausker Grill Pan is made from premium parts for an outdoor grill experience in your kitchen

Published May 10, 2019 2:00PM (EDT)

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If you’re a fan of grilling your own food, you know what great flavor tastes like. It’s that smoky, perfectly seared, outdoorsy element that sets your grilled steaks and burgers apart from the standard indoor cooking.

But outdoor grilling isn’t always convenient. Winter weather and aggressive summer mosquitoes can drive the most motivated chefs indoors. Luckily, the Ausker Grill Pan can give you the same satisfying grill taste from the comfort of your kitchen.

Ausker’s premium grill pan is made from durable die-cast aluminum, with a stainless steel underside that resists warping. This pan is safe to toss in the oven if you need a little extra heat to get that perfect cook. Built-in pour spouts will help you remove excess oil and grease from your meals. Thanks to the pan’s five layers of nonstick ceramic, cleanup will always be a breeze.

The Ausker Grill Pan usually costs $59.99, but you can take your grill master skills indoors right now for just $47.99 (20% off).


Ausker Grill Pan - $47.99

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