The forceful man who isn't my husband: A Salon After Dark read

NSWF: From the New Lovers erotica novella "One Valencia Lane," a woman engages in a double life

By Bettina Davis
Published May 11, 2019 7:29PM (EDT)

Excerpted with permission from "One Valencia Lane," a novella by Bettina Davis. (Copyright Badlands Unlimited LLC). The New Lovers series is devoted to publishing new works of erotica that explore the complexities bedevilling contemporary life, culture, and art today. Reprinted with permission from Badlands.

Greta lives a life of leisure in New York City with her hot but boring workaholic husband, Landon. One night, the mysterious Sir Dannlo invites her to a mansion upstate, where Greta finds herself indulging in pleasures her marriage can’t fulfill.

Stark sunlight flooded the bedroom and roused me from sleep. One of us had forgotten to close the shades the night before. My newly tattooed pelvis still tingled, and I reached down to make sure the Band-Aid hadn’t fallen off in the night. I didn’t want my husband to see it. My whole world had shifted in the space of a day. Ordinarily I would have been panicked by something like a tattoo of some stranger’s initials. But everything seemed different since I had experienced the Castle. I felt complete knowing that I was under Sir Dannlo’s watch. My marriage seemed a million miles away, even though Landon was asleep next to me. He hadn’t even noticed I had been away for most of the night and slipped back into bed at six in the morning.

I watched Landon as he got out of bed with bleary eyes and rumpled hair. He was still half asleep and would be for at least an hour. He couldn’t tell that I was watching him as he started in on his morning routine: do fifty push-ups, take a shower, shave, dress for work, consume a glass of orange juice and a cup of black coffee, kiss his wife, grab his worn leather attaché case, and leave. Sometimes he would sit and have breakfast with me, but usually he liked to sleep in and didn’t have time for such indulgences as eggs and toast, let alone morning sex.

Imbued with a new feeling of wholeness and sensuality, I sneaked out of bed and into the living room where he was on his fortieth push-up. He couldn’t see me as I slid my smooth naked body against his back, sprawling mys...

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Bettina Davis

Bettina Davis is a scholar of medieval studies and the occult. She studied at the Sorbonne and has taught at Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown, MA. This is her first work of erotic fiction.

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