Knock out a masterful business plan with this $14 course

Award-winning professor and entrepreneur Chris Haroun will show you how to create a failsafe business plan

Published May 20, 2019 10:00PM (EDT)

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About two-thirds of Americans dream of opening a small business, but many of them struggle to make the dream a reality. The financial risk that comes with entrepreneurship holds a lot of would-be business owners back, but fear of failure is another huge factor.

It’s normal to feel a little unprepared when you start your own business. That nervous energy can translate into creative ideas and unique angles for your target market. However, you’ve got to express them clearly if you’re going to attract investors or ask your bank for a loan. The Complete Business Plan In One Course gives you expert advice on creating a can’t-fail business plan.

Venture capitalist and former Goldman Sachs employee Chris Haroun teaches this eight-hour crash course. His 13-step process helps you create a bang-up business plan. The course offers two tracks. The fast track is for people who need to brush up on what they already know, and the detailed track gives you a comprehensive rundown of every part of your plan.

This course’s hands-on exercises, collection of business plan templates and helpful resources from across the globe make it well worth your time. The Complete Business Plan in One Course Featuring Chris Haroun usually costs $199, but right now it’s on sale for just  $14 (92% off).


The Complete Business Plan In One Course Ft. Chris Haroun - $14

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