This app makes watching Netflix on your Mac a breeze

This $4 app makes it even easier to watch Netflix on your Mac

Published May 23, 2019 10:00AM (EDT)

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Travel has become a part of many jobs in today's culture, with some professions requiring it more than others. In addition, many people are switching to streaming services like Netflix rather than paying for a cable or satellite subscription. So, whether you are on a trip for work and want to stream something on your computer, or you are at home and use your Mac to stream the latest shows, you may want to check out this Clicker Netflix Player For Mac to simplify your life.

With the way technology is trending, everything is about convenience and ease of use these days, and nothing is more convenient than being able to click a button and launch Netflix right from the desktop dock of your Mac. With InstantStart technology, the Clicker Netflix Player For Mac will pick up right where you last left off too, making things easier than ever to resume that Netflix binge.

If you are worried about productivity at all while watching Netflix on your Mac, the good news is the Clicker Netflix Player For Mac also allows you to use picture-in-picture so you can keep working on your latest project while enjoying a show. However, if you are in the mood to be fully immersed in your Netflix session, it also allows truly full-screen browsing and viewing to do your shows justice.

The Clicker Netflix Player For Mac is available for $3.99 right now, 20% off the original price. Make sure you grab one to simplify your Netflix viewing experience.


Clicker Netflix Player For Mac - $3.99

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