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June 2, 2019 6:00PM (UTC)
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We all wish that we had more time to read — but it can feel silly to buy an expensive book or stacks of magazines only to have them sit collecting dust when you get busy. But this Scribd Subscription will actually encourage you to read more at the least cost to you possible — so you don't need to feel guilty about the literature you purchase (or don't purchase), because you'll have access 24/7 to an incredible library you can access 24/7 from a web browser or mobile app.

Scribd gives you access an unlimited number of books, audiobooks, magazines and more each month, so you can explore more than one million books and audiobooks (including exciting new releases) any time you'd like. From bestsellers to the classics, you can hit the beach with your entire reading list without lugging around heavy books that can get damaged.


Scribd will also recommend new books you can check out, from new favorites to novels related to your interests — you can also check out pre-set collections and expert-curated reading lists for inspiration. Plus, you can save your favorites to keep track of them, create collections and bookmark titles to personalize your library.

Usually, this Scribd Subscription is $107.88, but you can get it here for $80.



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