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There is a way you can have your (deep fried) cake and eat it too

Published June 10, 2019 7:00AM (EDT)

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Let's face it: no matter what you're eating, the fried version of the same food is probably better. Unfortunately, as delicious as fried food is, it's not the best for your health. Luckily, there's a way you can enjoy the same amazing taste, without the guilt: this Wolfgang Puck 7.2-Quart XL Air Fryer delivers a professional quality fry without the added fat and calories.

As opposed to deep frying the traditional way (immersing food in oil), this air fryer takes hot air and circulates it around the food you want to cook up. The extra-large capacity makes it perfect for whipping up bite-sized appetizers to cooking an entire 5-pound chicken. You can cook everything from healthier french fries, delectable onion rings and more — plus, the design of the fryer ensures more provide uniform cooking.

The fryer preheats quickly and delivers fast temperature recovery times, so you can whip up something for your entire family faster than ever. You can set the cooking time for up to 30 minutes and the temperature up to 400ºF  with an automatic shutoff feature as a safety precaution.

Make incredible meals faster than ever: usually this Wolfgang Puck 7.2-Quart XL Air Fryer is $129.95, but you can get it here for $59.99.


Wolfgang Puck 7.2-Quart XL Air Fryer - $59.99

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