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Published June 22, 2019 2:00PM (EDT)

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A few years ago, the major career push and change circulated around tech — particularly around the development and learning programmatic languages. Now, the latest wave of hot ticket careers all revolves around big data. Consumers are producing more data than companies know what to do with, so hiring people who know how to crunch large datasets and drive forward business insights are in high demand. This Pay What You Want: The Big Data eBook Bundle trains you to use the top tools and employ the best strategies for working with big data — so by the end of the courses, you can switch to a highly coveted/in-demand career.

From Hadoop 3 to MySQL 8, SAS to R programming and more, you'll learn how to leverage the most widely used tools for efficient big data processing, as well as data archiving, storage and analysis needs. You'll also learn how to architect solutions for data transformation, making complex information systems more digestible for your employers and the company's users.

These tools will also help you lead companies to solve their business problems and make strategic decisions at a faster clip. Here's how the bundle works: name the price you want, and you'll get the two last eBooks for the price you name.

Beat the average price, and you'll unlock all ten eBooks. Usually, the Big Data eBook Bundle is $510, but you can get it here for up to 99% off.

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