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Published June 28, 2019 2:00PM (EDT)

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It's easy to sometimes feel like you've fallen into all the usual tourist traps when you travel. Whether you're checking out the same overcrowded spot or trying to figure out what to order at a restaurant where people only speak the native language, there are better ways to navigate the world around you. This Pay What You Want: Travel Guide Bundle Ft. Lonely Planet & Transparent Language is an insider's guide into how to travel better, from finding the spots that few people know about, to picking up enough language to chat with locals.

This massive bundle includes a wealth of information that spans 41 courses. Divided by country, you'll get travel guides, language learning courses and even cookbooks that detail the best regional cuisine. Get insider tips whether you plan to travel through Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam and more.

The cultural insights that are given in these courses deliver on a richer, more rewarding travel experience (one you won't get when you're traveling with a tour group) — including the customs, history, art, religion, cinema, calligraphy, architecture, martial arts, landscapes and cuisine that surround you.

Here's how this bundle works: name the price you want, and you'll unlock two courses. Beat the average price, and you'll get the entire bundle. Usually, this Travel Guide Bundle Ft. Lonely Planet & Transparent Language is $2526.05, but you can get it here for up to 99% off.


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