This levitating turntable is not your dad's record player

It uses the latest and greatest tech to enhance your listening experience both audibly and visually

Published July 8, 2019 1:30PM (EDT)

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The experience of listening to music has changed drastically with technological advancements over the years, but somehow vinyl is making its way back into the mainstream. The best part of its resurgence is that unlike the record players of yesteryear, 2019 offers old school technology with a modern twist. Exhibit A: the MAG-LEV ML1 Levitating Turntable. Just take a look for yourself:

At a glance, you can already tell this turntable isn't quite like the others. Combining the latest in cutting-edge technology, using magnets and coils, the record platter is kept suspended and rotating without all the motors and moving parts that other turntables require. It comes in a variety of colors and enhances the listening experience in both sound quality and visual appeal. I mean, there's nothing quite like seeing your record spin on a levitating platter.

Treat yourself to an impressive piece of technology with the MAG-LEV ML1 Levitating Turntable and take your musical experience to the next level. It will be the talk of the room if guests are over, and makes for an amazing centerpiece. Right now, you can get it for 10% off, for a price of $3239.


MAG-LEV ML1 Levitating Turntable (Black/Silver) - $3239

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