Supercharge your Mac for less than $30 with these Apps

The Mighty Mac Bundle has 10 programs and apps for beefed up security, smoother downloads, and more

Published July 11, 2019 5:30PM (EDT)

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Mac owners know a thing or two about quality. You probably bought your Mac for its speed, flawless syncing between devices and unbeatable good looks. They’re mighty machines, and you can up their power with these 10 programs and apps. Here are some examples of the incredible options included in the Mighty Mac Bundle Ft. VPNSecure & CrossOver.


The Mighty Mac Bundle’s standout program is a lifetime subscription to VPN Secure. It secures public WiFi connections, helps you hop over geographic restrictions and encrypts your data against hackers and advertisers. Your browsing history will be safe from everyone (even your internet service provider), and you can torrent movies and games at blazing speeds. A lifetime subscription to VPN Secure for only $29.99 is a steal in itself, and there are nine other quality programs in this bundle for pennies on the dollar.

File Sharing

Dropshare is a trusted file sharing server and menu bar application that uploads pictures, documents, screenshots and more to cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. You can synchronize your sharing across all devices with Dropshare Sync, share annotated screenshots and set custom keyboard shortcuts.

WALTR 2 helps you skip converters, iTunes, and wires altogether with effortless wireless transfers. It’s compatible with every generation of Apple’s beloved iPods, so you can go back and grab files from your original iPod and play them on your iPhone.


Macs have the stamina and power for gaming, but some popular titles are slow to add Mac-friendly editions. CrossOver 18 lets you run almost any game on your Mac without going through a virtual machine or buying a Windows license. Just launch the program natively from the dock, then enjoy your software at its native speed without any drops in performance.

Folx Pro Download & Torrent Manager helps you safely grab large game files from the web via the Folx interface. You’ll notice dramatically faster downloads in multiple formats.


Your Mac will hit some snags if you don’t commit to regular maintenance. CleanMyMac X speeds up your hard drive’s performance by removing junk files from the deepest corners of your Mac. Broken downloads, clutter in iTunes and Mail, old attachments and more all disappear in a single click.

Right now you can grab all these apps and more for one $29.99 price tag.


The Mighty Mac Bundle Ft. VPNSecure & CrossOver - $29.99

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