Senior White House officials shrug off Trump's racist tweets as just "another day at work”: report

“I’d say we are taking defending the president seriously, but I don’t think anyone is freaking out"

By Tom Boggioni
Published July 16, 2019 1:28PM (EDT)

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According to a report at the Daily Beast, officials running Donald Trump’s re-election campaign are keeping their heads down and plowing ahead with their work as the country is consumed with the president’s burst of racist comments because they believe it will blow over.

The reason? Because Republicans will refuse to condemn the president — which is being borne out in real-time — and it’s just another day at the office where the president wildly tweets outrageous comments that are superseded by new comments that consume the public’s attention.

Following Trump’s racist Twitter attack on Sunday, the Beast reports, “On Monday morning, however, all was calm, after one of the more overtly racist attacks of Donald Trump’s presidency: a declaration that four minority congresswomen — three of them born in the United States — should return to the countries from which they came.”

Pointing at the White House, the report states: “Inside the White House, senior officials — who in the past two years have developed thick calluses toward Trump’s social media outbursts — mostly shrugged off the latest firestorm. According to one top aide, it was merely ‘another day at work.'”

As one senior White House official admitted, “I’d say we are taking defending the president seriously, but I don’t think anyone is freaking out.”

“The business-as-usual ethos inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was just the latest illustration of the degree to which Trump has normalized a brand of chaos and open bigotry,” the report continues. “This week, Trump is running the exact same playbook, confident that his party will remain firmly the party of Trump. And the president, for his part, wasn’t content to just stay calm. Loudly, he doubled, and then tripled, down. But the key GOP leaders on Capitol Hill, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House GOP leader and presidential pal Kevin McCarthy, were silent in the wake of the president’s latest rants.”

Close Trump allies who are willing to defend anything the president does feel they can fall back on three strategies, the Beast reports: “He didn’t mean it, or he was right to say it, or he was just being funny, you humorless libs.”

And exhibit A comes from one the president’s most avid defenders, Katrina Pierson.

“It’s not uncommon for POTUS to tweet tongue-in-cheek 2drive home very obvious narratives,” she tweeted “These ‘progressive women’ spend their time advocating for nations of their heritage & others instead of representing US while on our tax payroll – so bye.”

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