These Bluetooth earbuds were built to help you sleep better

The Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones are the lightweight solution to nighttime listening

Published July 22, 2019 6:50AM (EDT)

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People use all sorts of strategies to get a good night’s rest. Some meditate, others rely on eye masks and some people even invest in room-darkening window shades. Listening to music as you’re falling asleep is another technique that can help you slow down and relax, but most earbuds make it tough.

Listening to earbuds for an extended period of time isn’t great for your hearing, and they get uncomfortable fast if you sleep on your side. The Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones solve all of your nighttime earbud woes.

These lightweight, wireless headphones will help you fall asleep to your favorite songs, audiobooks or soothing sounds without the pain and annoyance of standard earbuds. The Bluetooth-compatible headphones have adjustable ear hooks for a perfect fit, plus 13-hour battery life.

The Bedphones also lie flat against your ear instead of sitting inside your ear canal. The design is safer for your ears and barely noticeable when you turn over onto your side.  You can adjust the volume, skip tracks and mute the headphones from convenient inline controls — no more fiddling with your bright smartphone screen late at night.

The Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones usually cost $149.99, but right now you can snooze in style for only $99.99 (33% off).


Bedphones Wireless Sleep Headphones - $99.99

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