This powerful e-bike is perfect for the urban commuter

Get from point A to B with ease thanks to 20 miles of assisted riding

Published July 23, 2019 8:46PM (EDT)

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From taking public transportation to carpooling, there are lots of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint during your daily commute. But if you're looking to get the maximum results for your efforts (i.e., some exercise and fresh air) there might be no better way to get to work than riding your bike. But let's say your office doesn't have a shower (and you're a conscientious person), there is a way to get the best of both worlds without breaking too much of a sweat. This Analog Motion E-Bike is perfect for the urban commuter: it's lightweight, powerful and delivers 20 miles of easy, assisted riding.

Engineered with eye-catching minimalist frame geometry and straight handlebars, this e-bike is 30% more powerful than the first variation and comes with mechanical disc brakes for more reliable stopping when you're riding in the city — an essential when you need to brake quickly around cars and pedestrians. It also charges in just three hours, so you can power it up fast and get to your next meeting (or to happy hour) in a jiffy, and change the batteries intuitively and easily when you need to.

The bike utilizes an ultra-reliable single gear drive train and boasts a 30mph top speed — plus, you can boost through traffic lights and hills without sweating in your button-up thanks to the compact and discreet electric hub motor.

Usually this Analog Motion E-Bike is $1664, but you can get it here for $1449.


Analog Motion E-Bike - $1449

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