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These sustainable coffee pods will make you feel less guilty about enjoying your cuppa joe

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Published July 26, 2019 10:01PM (EDT)

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Millions of people get their caffeine fix every morning by popping a coffee pod into their respective machines. In fact, according to the National Coffee Association and market-research firm Statista, 41 percent of Americans are in possession of a single-cup coffee maker. The convenience it offers is what primarily drives coffee lovers everywhere to continue using single-serving brewing pods, but there's a tradeoff: they're extremely harmful to the environment. Every time you enjoy a cuppa joe via coffee pods, you're contributing to the world's plastic pollution problem.

This doesn't mean that you automatically have to forego K-cups, of course. Instead of picking up pods from your local supermarket, switch to Glorybrew coffee pods instead. All pods are 100% compostable and made from bio-based materials, so you won't have to feel guilty every time you enjoy your coffee.

Glorybrew's coffee farms are certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance. Their BPI-certified pods give back nutrients to the soil and eliminate plastic waste, while still providing the ultra-convenience of popping a capsule into your coffee maker. With this bundle, you get to enjoy three distinct flavors: The Duke, which is a medium-roast blend, The Knight, which is a dark-roast blend, and The Noble, an extra-dark roast blend for those in need of an additional kick. By consuming your coffee via Glorybrew, not only will you get to entice your senses with high-quality java, but you'll also be helping Mother Earth.

The Glorybrew 72 K-Cup Coffee Pod Bundle usually retails for $50, but you can get it on sale for $42.99. This deal nets you 6 boxes, each with 12 capsules of each blend, totaling to 72 pods.


Glorybrew 72 K-Cup Coffee Pod Bundle - $42.99

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