Get a better night's sleep on these eco-friendly sheets

Rest assured (literally) that you're not damaging the environment for your beauty sleep

Published August 16, 2019 12:54PM (EDT)

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Surprisingly, it's the production of textiles that can produce the most damaging environmental waste. And while most of us would happily nix buying new clothing you don't necessarily need, when it comes down to your beauty sleep, you really shouldn't skimp. That's where this 6-Piece Ultra-Soft Bed Sheet Set With Side Pockets comes into play: it's the happy medium between not sacrificing on your quality of sleep, while still making eco-friendly choices.

When you really break it down, you spend about a third of your life in bed — and that's far too much time to settle on subpar sleep. By upgrading your bedding to these high-quality, extremely comfortable sheets, you're making a smart investment for your long-term health. Made out of an eco-friendly microfiber fabric, these sheets are breathable (yet warm enough) to use across all seasons. They're machine washable which makes cleaning them a breeze — plus, they're designed to keep their chic color no matter how much you wash them.

They're even outfitted with convenient side pockets that help you keep your necessary items (phone, tissues or reading glasses) close by. Usually, these 6-Piece Gray Ultra-Soft Bed Sheet Set With Side Pockets are $39.99, but you can get them here for $29.99.


6-Piece Gray Ultra-Soft Bed Sheet Set With Side Pockets - $29.99

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