Develop your design chops with this 51-hour training

Learn to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create beautiful web designs.

Published August 28, 2019 3:22PM (EDT)

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If you've got an eye for creative design, you might as well make your passion a career and learn the technical skills you need to monetize your vision. Whether you're helping a company rebrand by changing their logo, redesigning the look and feel of a website or editing photos for a more professional look and feel, you need to know how to use the proper tools to get paid for a job well done. The Professional Graphic Designer Bundle shows you how to use both Photoshop and Illustrator to construct the powerful visuals you see in your mind's eye — and once you complete the lessons in the bundle, you can potentially even jumpstart a brand new career.

You'll learn the essentials of Photoshop, including how to work with layers, layer masks and adjustment layers — then learn to set your resolution for web and print graphic design projects so you get crystal-clear results for images every time. You'll also learn how to create custom-sized documents, work with multiple files by arranging them side-by-side and more.

You'll also take a deep dive into using Adobe Illustrator, including all the basics: from the pen tool and color management to turning your hand-drawn illustrations into vectors. There's even a course covering basic web design, including the best practices for HTML structure and the best practices for CSS.

Usually the Professional Graphic Designer Bundle is $1200, but you can get it here for $29.


The Professional Graphic Designer Bundle - $29

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