This insurance company is using tech to revolutionize claims processing

Lemonade simplifies home and renter’s insurance for as little as $5/month.

Published September 4, 2019 3:28PM (EDT)

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You may not exactly get excited when it comes to buying homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, but they’re nonetheless essential parts of life. While they may seem like a sunk cost, without them, all it takes is one particularly nasty storm or faulty outlet to completely change your life for the worse. Even with insurance, the process of getting reimbursed after a life-changing accident can seem like you’re getting hit twice.

Lemonade has identified the most significant pain points of homeowner's and renter’s insurance and built a modern, tech-driven platform to completely revolutionize the industry. They eliminate the stressful claims process and annoying back-and-forth with customer service by allowing you to handle claims immediately. Their innovative AI, Maya, helps you craft the ideal insurance plan for your needs in as little as 90 seconds, and helps you get reimbursed on your claims in as little as three minutes. Compared to the agony of getting paid out by a traditional insurance company for something as common as a broken window, Lemonade is a huge breath of fresh air.

Lemonade works by taking a flat fee and treating the premium you pay as if its still your money. When you do get paid out for specific claims, a portion of the unclaimed funds are sent to charities around the world on your behalf.

You can get the full Lemonade experience using either the iOS or Android app. Renter’s insurance starts at just $5/month and homeowner’s insurance starts at $25/month. Don’t settle for the traditional methods of the past; enjoy a more innovative, equitable experience with Lemonade.

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