Arcadia Power is making green power more accessible

Tap into the green energy sources in your area for less.

Published September 6, 2019 2:23PM (EDT)

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The planet's climate crisis may seem a little daunting, and recent research is unlikely to make you feel much better about the future. However, all is not lost, and it's not too late to do your part. Recycling and cutting back on your plastic straw use are great actions but making a real reduction in your carbon footprint starts with changing the energy you use. You may not think about where your energy comes from all the time, which means you likely can't be sure that your local utility is doing all they can to use renewable sources rather than fossil fuels. They may not be.

Arcadia Power is a service that leverages local utilities to ensure that you're using the most efficient, eco-friendly energy sources available in your area. They seek out solar and wind projects near you and buy renewable energy certificates in your name. Then, through the power of their 300,000+ member network, Arcadia Power negotiates lower energy rates to match your monthly usage with clean energy.

The end result is that you'll see your monthly energy bill dip while also seeing exactly how much clean energy has been purchased on your behalf. As your carbon footprint shrinks, Arcadia Power continues to check your area for cost-saving programs and energy-efficient fixes that can continue to lower your bill.

Sometimes, the only way to make a significant change is to incentivize the savings. Arcadia Power has discovered how to do just that, so it's cost-effective and fiscally responsible to go green. Right now, new members are eligible for an immediate $20 energy bill credit when you open a free account, so check it out today.

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