Save $25 off these ultra-durable kitchen knives

Start cooking in style — even if you're not the greatest of cooks.

Published September 8, 2019 9:00AM (EDT)

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Everyone wants to feel like they've got a little Top Chef in them. When you open up the cookbook, find a delicious-looking recipe, and start chopping and cooking away, it's hard not to feel like a pro. Even though you, well, may not be a pro. That may come with practice but, while you're training, you might as well start working with professional tools. Therefore, check out the CRIMSON G10 2-Piece Chef & Paring Knife Set, available now for 24% off the $99.99 price at just $75.

This set comes with an 8" chef knife and 3.5" paring knife to help you tackle any cutting challenge. Both blades are made of precision ground German steel and razor-sharp right out of the box so you don't have to worry about sharpening them up. They each have the wood grain look of G10 and durable fiberglass resin handles to help you keep a firm grip while cutting. The handles are also designed to avoid absorbing moisture, allowing for extreme stability and durability for life.

Look the Top Chef part! Right now, you can pick these two knives up at a $25 discount. They're just $75 when you buy today.


CRIMSON G10 2-Piece Chef & Paring Knife Set - $75

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