Simplify your sales process with this innovative tool

Your sales process shouldn't be complicated. With this tool, everything is simple and adoption is easy.

Published September 11, 2019 11:00AM (EDT)

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A big part of business, and arguably the most important, is it's customers. Being able to keep track of your customers and the interactions with them is crucial to providing great service and ultimately making that sale you're hoping for. However, it seems as though there is another sales tool popping up every day, and it might seem tough to figure out what's worth using. Thanks to PipelineDeals, you don't have to do much thinking about what to use anymore. They've gone the route of simplifying what other sales tools seem to overcomplicate.

If you're wondering what sets them apart from the rest, it becomes fairly obvious once you check out one of their customized demos and take them up on a free trial. On top of being a really simple sales pipeline tool to adopt and use, they're also known for great customer service and were Stevie Award winners in 2019, so if you ever get stuck you can get the help you need. Their platform is designed to allow you to track every aspect of the sales process from start to finish with ease. You're also given access to unlimited dashboards and can easily pull reports with Excel and Google Sheets plugins.

Keeping track of your sales process from start to finish is important and shouldn't be overly complicated. Over 18,000 users trust PipelineDeals around the world and you should too. If you're hesitant to make the switch because you have an existing platform, don't worry, they'll even help you migrate all of your existing data. Go ahead and give their free trial a shot and see why people are making the switch to PipelineDeals.

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