These collapsible headphones are your new travel companion

The LUNATUNE Wireless Headphones fit perfectly into your carry-on.

Published September 15, 2019 2:00PM (EDT)

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It’s hard enough to fit yourself into an airplane’s ever-shrinking seats, and it’s even tougher to cram your essentials into your carry-on. Alaska Airlines recently reduced their allowed carry-on size, and other airlines may soon follow suit.

Even if you decide to check a bag, there are some items that you’ve got to have during your flight. Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones will make your trip fly by (and preserve your sanity). The LUNATUNE Wireless Headphones are collapsible Bluetooth wireless headphones that are ready for your next flight.

The LUNATUNE’s over-ear design features memory foam ear cups for hours of comfortable listening. Fold up the ear pieces to stash them in your bag, then take them out to chill on your flight. They connect to almost any Bluetooth device with a few taps, then you can switch songs or answer calls with the on-ear buttons. Longer trips will be a breeze thanks to this pair’s eight hours of playback time and 70% noise cancelation.

The LUNATUNE Wireless Headphones have a sticker price of $69.99, but you can get them right now for just $44.99 (35% off).


LUNATUNE™ Wireless Headphones - $44.99

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