These are the softest sheets you'll ever sleep in

The thinnest, most indulgently soft sheets you'll use.

Published September 22, 2019 10:06PM (EDT)

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You know those laundry detergent commercials with the billowing white sheets hanging off the line? We bet that's about 100% the opposite of the sad, wrinkly sheets you've got on your bed right now. Indulge yourself with the little things and upgrade your sleep with this Yaasa® White Microfiber Sheet Set — they're the thinnest, softest sheets you've ever snuggled up in (and will make those laundry detergent sheet fantasies a reality).

Made of silky smooth microfiber, these sheets by Yaasa® measure less than one denier in diameter — and while you think that this finely woven fiber might tangle and wrinkly, they're actually made to be indulgently soft. The weave is brushed to be the smoothest your skin has made contact with, meaning you won't be tossing and turning — and since they're made with 100% polyester, they'll resist wrinkles and pilling for hassle-free enjoyment (even if you tend to starfish or kick around in your sleep).

The lightweight fabric delivers optimal breathability and moisture-wicking properties, plus they're easy to wash and are hypoallergenic. Give yourself the good night's sleep you know you deserve and enjoy these low-maintenance, high-quality sheets.

Usually this Yaasa® White Microfiber Sheet Set is $44, but you can get it here for $39.


Yaasa® White Microfiber Sheet Set - $39

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