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Published September 23, 2019 9:00PM (EDT)

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For most people, the ideal way to kick back after a long day at work is to binge watch their favorite TV series, play a video game with friends or have a movie marathon. And for anyone serious about entertainment, it's essential to use a more elite sound system — for example, this Ratsel BT Gaming Sound System (Manufacturer Recertified). Don't let the name fool you: this sound system delivers crisp, clear audio that's perfect for all your favorite media, whether that's gaming or streaming.

This sound system delivers 360W of peak power and Howl Bass technology, delivering a more natural, deep bass and surround sound experience that's immersive without being artificial. The center speaker features a 6.5-inch woofer, made entirely of cane lignin — a natural polymer that's both ultra-resistant to wear and tear, plus is lightweight to boot, helping optimize driver performance.

The upper ring of the suspension is made of rubber, which allows a greater displacement sensitivity — and the HDAA wood material prevents both vibration and loss of sound. There's also ergonomic sound controls to help you regulate the audio in a precise and detailed way, so you can control the sound of your favorite movies, videos and music. You can also connect Ratsel via Bluetooth to your devices, so you can manage your audio from the device of your choice.

Usually this Ratsel BT Gaming Sound System (Manufacturer Recertified) is $249.99, but you can get it here for $89.


Ratsel BT Gaming Sound System (Manufacturer Recertified) - $89

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