Scarborough slams "sad figure" Graham for defending Trump: “He once declared Trump unfit for office"

“I don’t know which Lindsey to believe, because of course, there are a lot of Lindseys there,” the MSNBC host says

Published January 23, 2020 10:50AM (EST)

Joe Scarborough (Getty/Paul Morigi)
Joe Scarborough (Getty/Paul Morigi)

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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough shamed Sen. Lindsey Graham for loudly defending President Donald Trump from impeachment, after trying in 2016 to expel him from the Republican Party.

The South Carolina Republican has been one of Trump's most strident apologists, but the "Morning Joe" host reminded viewers Graham wasn't always like that.

"Poor Lindsey Graham," Scarborough said. "A sad, sad figure … Here's a guy who's chairman of the Judiciary Committee. You heard him screaming there about, oh, this is horrible, they want to take this man down, it's just the worst thing. Here's what Lindsey Graham said about Donald Trump back before Donald Trump was in power, back before he was president of the United States, back before he thought he was going to be president of the United States."

"He once declared Trump unfit for office," Scarborough added. "He called for his exclusion from the Republican Party, he said the Republican Party should kick Donald Trump out."

Graham was so opposed to Trump in 2015, when he was running for president himself, that he told off the celebrity real estate developer on CNN's "New Day."

"This is Lindsey O. Graham, the guy you just heard screaming, saying they just want to kick him out of office," Scarborough said, "Lindsey Graham said the best way to make America great again, was 'tell Donald Trump to go to hell.' That's what Lindsey Graham said, tell Donald Trump — Lindsey Graham — tell Donald Trump to go to hell, said he was unfit to be president of the United States, unfit to be commander in chief, that it was troubling how much he was complementing Vladimir Putin, and then, of course, this same (lawmaker) from South Carolina had the audacity to compare the impeachment of Donald J. Trump to a lynching."

"I don't know which Lindsey to believe, because of course, there are a lot of Lindseys there," he added, "a lot of Lindsey Grahams, and South Carolinians have got to be concerned about which Lindsey they're getting at the election because he changes all the time. But majority of Americans I don't think they think it's a lynching, the overwhelming majority of Americans want a fuller trial, want a fairer trial, want relevant witnesses, believe Donald Trump obstructed this investigation, believe that Donald Trump abused the powers of his office."

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