Jared Kushner vows there will be “no drama” in Trump’s second term: “It’s high-competence”

Kushner claimed a second term would mirror his "efficient" campaign, which a former adviser called a "sh*t show"

By Igor Derysh

Managing Editor

Published February 28, 2020 6:44PM (EST)

Donald Trump; Jared Kushner (AP/Carolyn Kaster/Getty/Mandel Ngan)
Donald Trump; Jared Kushner (AP/Carolyn Kaster/Getty/Mandel Ngan)

Jared Kushner vowed on Friday that a second term from his father-in-law, President Donald Trump,  would be both efficient and drama-free.

The senior White House adviser claimed that Trump's re-election campaign was running smoothly, much as the president's second term supposedly would, while speaking with organizer Matt Schlapp at the Conservative Political Actions Conference (CPAC).

"The way that you see the campaign being run, there's no leaks. There's no drama. I would say it's high-competence, low-drama," Kushner said. "Everything is very efficiently run, and I think that's exemplary of how President Trump would run his second term in office."

Kushner's comments came just months after the Trump campaign fired its top pollsters after internal data showing Trump losing to former Vice President Joe Biden in key battleground states were leaked.

Vanity Fair's Gabe Sherman reported last year that "infighting is already consuming" Trump's reelection campaign.

"It's a sh*tshow," a source who worked on Trump's 2016 campaign told him. "There's a revolt against [campaign manager Brad] Parscale."

Since then, the campaign has been on a "crusade" against leaks, Politico reported.

Kushner said Friday that Trump's first campaign succeeded, because "he made a lot more good decisions than wrong decisions."

The campaign, which featured Trump saying incredibly racist things about immigrants, incredibly sexist statements about women, attacks on Gold Star families, a campaign event that cheated veterans out of millions and mockery of a disabled reporter ended with Trump losing the popular vote by a margin of nearly 3 million while clinching the Electoral College with the aid of less than 80,000 combined votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

"Everything that worked. We've doubled and tripled down on," Kushner said. "Everything that didn't work, we've swept away."

Kushner added that he "loved" working with his father-in-law, because he's "not afraid to fail" and "not afraid to try new things."

"He's not afraid to take on challenges because they're too hard, and that's what you need from a leader," he said.

Trump's son-in-law also complained that the president did not get a "honeymoon period" after his inauguration because of how hated he allegedly was in Washington.

"He didn't adapt to Washington," Kushner said. "He's forcing Washington to adapt to him, which is good."

While other politicians try to do what is popular according to poll numbers, Trump does the opposite, Kushner claimed.

"A lot of politicians follow the polls," he said. "He actually brings the polls to his positions. He can really change polls."

"The more the president's been attacked, the more people realize what he's fighting for . . . They love that he's fighting for them," he added. "When they see Washington fighting against him — most people don't like Washington, so they like the fact that he's fighting against Washington."

Kushner's comments came after polls revealed that a majority of Americans backed Trump's removal from office before Senate Republicans acquitted him mostly down party lines. His interview also came on the same day that Trump lashed out at Fox News after its latest poll showed him losing to every leading Democratic candidate.

By Igor Derysh

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