Bill Maher returns to rip Trump fans who are rallying around "the guy who made [coronavirus] worse"

HBO’s Bill Maher returns to rip Trump over the pandemic

Published April 4, 2020 2:01PM (EDT)

Bill Maher (Getty/Michael Kovac/Nicholas Kaam)
Bill Maher (Getty/Michael Kovac/Nicholas Kaam)

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HBO's Bill Maher returned on Friday night via YouTube to blast Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic and took on fans of the president who are rallying around him, calling their response "irrational."

Speaking from what appeared to be his backyard, the "Real Time" host noted that Americans tend to rally around their leaders in times of crisis but that this president is not deserving of support.

"Was the current crisis preventable? " he asked. "Not all of it, of course. But we could have done what South Korea did, their nightmare started the day our's did. But while Trump shut up experts, happy-talked and lied his ass off, South Korea put a strong testing program into place, tracing people, and today they have twenty-0ne times the cases and thirty times fewer deaths."

"If this is a war, Trump lost it in January," he continued. "He's not FDR or JFK, he's LOL. So it's more than a little disturbing that he is getting a bump in the polls on this. A bump, that tells us we are once again entering into rally around the leader time. Around the guy who made it worse. I mean, come on, toilet paper is now more valuable than the dollar."

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