These 6 Mexican-inspired recipes will satisfy your restaurant cravings at home

If you're cooking at home this weekend, try making one of these go-to meals from Salon Food

By Joseph Neese

Deputy Editor in Chief

Published April 5, 2020 6:23PM (EDT)

Chicken Taco Lasagna (Photo courtesy of publicist)
Chicken Taco Lasagna (Photo courtesy of publicist)

Having grown up on the cuisine of my abuela, nothing satisfies me more than the food of her native Mexico. For that very reason, it's the cuisine I cook most frequently at home. One thing I've heard from friends who have found themselves suddenly at home is how much they miss their neighborhood cantinas and restaurantes

Did you know that it's easier than you think to whip up some huevos rancheros for breakfast or your own handmade salsa and tortilla coup for lunch? And did you know you can make a batch of burritos and put them in your freezer so you can enjoy them all week long?

If you're cooking at home this weekend, try making one of these five Mexican-inspired recipes from Salon Food, which are suitable and fun for all skill levels. Your whole family is about to fall in love with Jake Smollett's chicken taco lasagna, which is like an enchilada but layered lasagna-style.

1. Huevos Rancheros

"All hail the queen of the brunch table: huevos rancheros!" Hannah Pemberton writes in her cookbook "Budda Bowls: Grain+ Green + Protein." "This balanced Buddha-Bowls version of this well-loved Mexican egg dish has all the flavor and plenty of sustenance to get you ready to take on the day."

2. Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos 

These burritos pack a massive 20 grams of protein each, which is the fuel you need to jump-start a busy day. If you double the spice blend, you'll have an extra batch on hand to spice up roasted potatoes later in the week. Blend it in advance so you save time when you're ready to cook. 

3. Tangy Salsa

Sure it's easy to fall into the habit of grabbing a jar of canned salsa on trips to the grocery store, but it's another thing entirely to feel the since of accomplishment from making your own at home. And you'll taste the difference, too. This recipe is tangy, not spicy, so it will please all taste buds.

4. Tortilla Soup

"I usually keep this soup on the simple side, using chicken, queso-blanco, cilantro, and tortilla a garnishes, but you can be creative and go crazy with all of the extra stuff you can put in the soup: avocados, sour cream, or more cheese," writes Leticia Moreinos Schwartz in an excerpt from her "Latin Superfoods" cookbook. "You can serve the side dishes in small bowls and people can add whatever they want to the soup. It's a fun dish to eat!" 

5. Chicken Taco Lasagna 

"Chicken taco lasagna falls somewhere between a juicy burrito and an enchilada, but it's layered lasagna-style," Jake Smollett, host of "Living By Design," writes in his "The Family Table" cookbook, which features 100 pasta dishes from the "Rachel Ray Show" alum. "Mexican food was big in our household when we lived in Southern California, because it was easy to find really great spices and fresh ingredients at the awesome Mexican grocery stores near our neighborhood. This is a dish that the entire family will love, and it goes a long way."

By Joseph Neese

Joseph Neese is Salon's Deputy Editor in Chief. You can follow him on Twitter: @josephneese.

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