Is Jared Kushner the most "dangerous" man in America?

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Kushner is not just a doofus — he is dangerous," Arwa Mahdawi writes

Published April 7, 2020 11:09AM (EDT)

Jared Kushner (Getty/Alex Wong)
Jared Kushner (Getty/Alex Wong)

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Scathing column rips Jared Kushner for being a dangerous 'doofus' over his coronavirus bungling

Writing in The Guardian this Tuesday, Arwa Mahdawi contends that although some like to characterize Jared Kushner as a "supervillain," he lacks the charisma for such a title. But in many way, his lack of charisma is one of his greatest strengths, because it has helped him fly under the radar.

"Politics has become a reality TV show and quiet Kushner is often too boring to bother with; it is far more interesting to focus on his glamorous wife, Ivanka Trump, or his garrulous father-in-law," Mahdawi writes. "Yet over the past few years Kushner has managed to insert himself into the highest levels of decision-making while largely remaining behind the scenes."

But Kushner is no longer flying under the radar, thanks to his position on the coronavirus task force. According to Mahdawi, his recent appearance at a press briefing should serve as a wakeup call to the U.S. "Kushner was supposedly at the press briefing to explain the work he has been doing," she writes. "However, despite him repeating the word 'data' 13 times, it quickly became clear that he has no idea what he is doing."

Mahdawi then recounts Kushner's life where he's constantly failed upwards. "Wherever Kushner is, questionable deals, questionable ethics and a crowd of yes men seem to follow. The world is constantly remade to reflect the reality that he wants to see," that was made evidence by the fact that the government's website was changed to reflect uninformed comments he made about the federal stockpile.

"There is a management concept called the Peter principle." writes Mahdawi. "The world is full of inept managers, this theory postulates, because people are promoted until they rise to 'their level of incompetence.'"

"It is becoming increasingly clear that Kushner is not just a doofus – he is dangerous."

Read her full op-ed over at The Guardian.

By Sky Palma


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