Hannity attacks judge for pushback over move to dismiss Flynn charges: "You reek of political bias"

“It’s time for a new venue and a new judge, and someone — unlike you — who doesn’t have political bias!”

Published May 14, 2020 9:25AM (EDT)

Sean Hannity (AP/Jeff Roberson)
Sean Hannity (AP/Jeff Roberson)

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On Fox News Wednesday, Sean Hannity went off on District Judge Emmet Sullivan, the judge overseeing the case against President Donald Trump's ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, for resisting the Justice Department's move to dismiss the charges.

"Judge Sullivan, you also said there was no Brady material withheld. You were wrong again, judge," said Hannity. "You botched this from day one and you had a bias from day one. "You reek of ignorance. You reek of political bias."

"So, Judge Sullivan, you and you alone, from this day forward, are responsible for continuing what has been a travesty of justice that destroyed four years of an American hero's life," Hannity continued. "It's time for a new venue and a new judge, and someone — unlike you — who doesn't have political bias!"

Sullivan, who has been appointed to various federal judgeships by Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, is renowned in legal circles for his judicial independence.

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