Trump-loving Republicans revolt against GOP governors who re-close bars during pandemic

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abott accused of "caving" to the left by trying to save lives

Published June 28, 2020 2:00AM (EDT)

Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump and Greg Abbott (Getty Images/Salon)
Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump and Greg Abbott (Getty Images/Salon)

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Trump-loving Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is facing a backlash among hardcore conservatives who are upset that he is ordering bars in the state to re-close in order to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In an announcement made Friday morning, Abbott said he is ordering the closure of bars and is asking restaurants to reduce their capacities back to 50 percent occupancy until the rate of transmission of the disease slows down.

Abbott is also closing down rafting and tubing businesses in the state that have been identified as major sources of infection, and is also placing new restrictions on social gatherings of 100 or more people.

Abbott's order comes as hospitals in Houston, Austin and other major cities in Texas have warned that they are running out of room in their intensive care units to handle the influx of COVID-19 patients.

Despite this, many conservatives voiced angry displeasure at the Texas governor, whom they accused of "caving" to the left by trying to save lives.

Check out some reactions below.

I've been a defender of yours, but this is outrageous. You can't continue to destroy lives when we know the mortality rate is low.

— Certified Ginger (@GingerGeek67) June 26, 2020

Why has no one mentioned the thousands that gathered at protests to be a possible cause for the rise in numbers?? There was ZERO social distancing going on there…and don't say masks, bc If masks really worked that well, nursing homes would allow visitors???

— Rhonda (@RhondaBlood) June 26, 2020

But yet TX could host the spectacle funeral, riots and protests. Caving to the left.

— Laurie Fischer (@LaurieFischer57) June 26, 2020

By Brad Reed


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