Rudy Giuliani calls Black Lives Matter a "terrorist group" on Fox News: "They hate white people"

"Why aren’t they classified as a terrorist group? Just because they’re Black and nobody can say it?”

Published August 6, 2020 11:41AM (EDT)

Rudy Giuliani on Fox & Friends (Fox News)
Rudy Giuliani on Fox & Friends (Fox News)

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Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Thursday claimed that followers of Black Lives Matter "hate white people."

Giuliani made the remarks after "Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade asked him about President Donald Trump's obsession over mail-in ballots.

"Whoever wins, this country is going in two dramatically different directions," Giuliani opined. "We're either going to remain a free enterprise country or we're going to become some kind of socialist country that Black Lives Matter wants, antifa, [Sen. Bernie Sanders]. Biden has agreed with it and he's too weak to oppose it."

He continued: "So we're headed for pure socialism, we're headed for the end of private education, we're headed for a drastic reduction in churches, the ability to go to church. They are dead opposed to the military. They want to do away with the police. This is no longer America."

Giuliani claimed that Black Lives Matter and similar groups "are literally trying to overthrow our way of life" with a "phony election."

According to the former New York mayor, founding documents for Black Lives Matter suggest "Black people get salaries for the rest of their lives, nobody else."

"They haven't said a single word about the violence taking place by antifa or Black Lives Matter, both of whom domestic terrorist groups without any doubt," he opined. "You know who knows that best? African-Americans. I've actually had them tell me, why aren't they classified as a terrorist group? Just because they're Black and nobody can say it?"

"These are killers, these are people who hate white people," Giuliani added.

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