Maddow blows apart the White House talking points on why Trump was rushed to Walter Reed hospital

“Whatever it was, it was serious enough that the vice president was warned to be on standby," the MSNBC host noted

Published September 1, 2020 6:28AM (EDT)


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The host of "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC was able to infer a fascinating conclusion after new reporting on President Donald Trump's rushed trip to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in November.

Reporting at the time said the visit was "abnormal" and "scheduled last minute."

"Here is something we do not know until now," Maddow said. "In November, you may remember a little bit of a health scare or at least a lot of health questions raised about President Trump. It was a Saturday afternoon in mid-November and President Trump was seemingly rushed off to Walter Reed Medical Center. This was an unannounced trip, it was a surprise, it led a lot of questions to what may have went wrong for the president that may lead to a rushed trip."

"The White House later cooked up some weird story about how that sudden, unannounced trip to Walter Reed had been a long plan segment of the president's annual physical and he was like doing a bit of it as if physicals are a thing that's happening in the episodes over the course of the season or something," she joked. "It was very strange, that's not how physicals work."

"People who've worked at the White House say the White House medical office is so well-equipped that White House medical staff can handle on-site all but the most serious incidents without a president ever having to be rushed off campus from the white house to the hospital," she reported. "But rushed he was. What was that all about?"

She noted that the forthcoming book Donald Trump v. The United States: Inside the Struggle to Stop a President by Michael Schmidt reports further on the mystery.

Maddow explained how Vice President Mike Pence was "on standby to take over" if Trump needed a general anesthesia at Walter Reed.

She explained that, "whatever it was, it was serious enough that the vice president was warned to be on standby, that the president might have to be under general anesthesia, which would occasion Mike Pence having to temporarily become president."

"And to state the obvious, that is not something that happens when you go in for a segment of your physical," Maddow noted. "If you had to go under general anesthesia to have a physical, nobody would have an annual physical."


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