Bob Brigham

Rudy Giuliani
Twitter temporarily deletes Rudy Giuliani's account for coronavirus "misinformation" Bob Brigham
Donald Trump
Trump admits he dismissed governors' coronavirus requests: "I want them to be appreciative" Bob Brigham
Trish Regan
Fox Business fires Trish Regan following wild claim of “coronavirus impeachment scam”: report Bob Brigham
Sen. James Inhofe
Republican senators implicated in coronavirus stock scandal Bob Brigham
Mike DeWine
Ohio's Republican governor orders polls closed hours before Election Day Bob Brigham
Jared Kushner
Jared Kushner revealed as brains behind Donald Trump's "half-baked" coronavirus response Bob Brigham
Chuck Schumer; Mitch McConnell
"Remarkably irresponsible": Schumer rips McConnell after Pelosi announces coronavirus deal Bob Brigham
James Carville
Carville calls for end to Democratic primary after bad night for Sanders: "Shut this puppy down" Bob Brigham
U.S. President Donald Trump
Trump administration blocked health officials' urgent coronavirus warning: report Bob Brigham
Bill Maher
Bill Maher defends Chris Matthews: "Cancel culture is a cancer on progressivism” Bob Brigham
CNBC's Rick Santelli suggests infecting "everybody" with coronavirus to protect the stock markets Bob Brigham
Joe Biden
Joe Biden projected winner of South Carolina primary Bob Brigham
Donald Trump
Second coronavirus case from potential community transmission discovered in California: report Bob Brigham
Donald Trump
Psychiatrist sounds the alarm about "sociopath" President Trump: "He’s getting worse" Bob Brigham
Russian President Vladimir Putin; President Donald Trump
McFaul: Russian interference to help Trump win is also designed to undermine his legitimacy" Bob Brigham