Fox News host confronts Trump surrogate over failed attack on Biden’s health: "It’s not working"

“Seeing how this is not working in President Trump’s favor in the polls, why stick with this message?”

Published September 14, 2020 1:12PM (EDT)

Fox News host confronts Trump surrogate for failed attack on Biden's health (Fox News)
Fox News host confronts Trump surrogate for failed attack on Biden's health (Fox News)

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Trump campaign communications director Erin Perrine insisted on Monday that attacks on Democratic nominee Joe Biden's mental health are working despite a Fox News polls that found voters have a lower opinion of President Donald Trump's mental capacity.

Fox News host Sandra Smith spoke to Perrine about the tactic after Trump railed against Biden's mental fitness at a Sunday rally.

"Seeing how this is not working in President Trump's favor in the polls, why stick with this message?" the Fox News host wondered.

"I would argue that it is working in the polls," Perrine replied. "President Trump, in that Fox poll, is at his strongest standing since going against Joe Biden and has cut Joe Biden's lead by 7 points in that poll."

In response, Smith noted that the same Fox News polls found that voters are more concerned about unemployment, the COVID-19 pandemic and crime.

"These are huge issues for voters," Smith continued. "So why make Joe Biden's alleged cognitive decline a centerpiece of Trump's reelection campaign?"

"It certainly a question the American people need to ask," Perrine insisted. "Listen, if there's a crisis in the world, it's 3 in the morning, who do you want answering the phone at the White House? President Trump, who has an incredibly strong foreign policy record delivering for the American people, protecting people or Joe Biden, whose own campaign couldn't even make a declarative statement on whether or not he uses a teleprompter for interviews. That's a serious question for the American people and we're going to ask it!"

Smith went on to point out that Trump has recently escalated his attack by accusing Biden of using performance enhancing drugs.

"I mentioned it's not working for him in the polls," Smith said. "But when do you decide that that's not working and pivot back to the election, pivot back to Americans' safety, pivot back to getting people back to work — and millions of people are still without jobs."

"We are talking about everything," Perrine responded. "The president is asking questions and Joe Biden should answer them."

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