Candace Owens tells Fox's Maria Bartiromo that schools are teaching kids "how to hate white people"

"They're learning how to hate white people, and they're learning how to hate their country"

Published March 14, 2021 1:56PM (EDT)

Candace Owens appears on FOX News with Maria Bartiromo. (FOX News)
Candace Owens appears on FOX News with Maria Bartiromo. (FOX News)

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A Fox News segment on Sunday argued that parents should pull their children out of in-person learning at public schools because it teaches them "how to hate white people."

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo hosted the segment on racial awareness curriculum with conservative activist Candace Owens.

"They're assuming every [white] kid is a racist, Candace," Bartiromo complained.

"I know that Megyn Kelly pulled her kids from school for similar reason," Owens said. "I truly believe that it's time for us to pull our kids out of school. And I know people say, 'Not all of us can afford to do that,' but the country wasn't built on people having a lot of money when they were homeschooling."

"It's indoctrination that's happening," she continued. "They're trying to fuel racism in this country. They're trying to teach this Marxist ideology. And the bad thing is, Maria, that they're replacing hard academics. These kids are not learning science, they're not learning mathematics, they're learning how to hate white people and they're learning how to hate their country."

Owens claimed that Democrats are trying to "guarantee that they have an ignorant group of people that vote based on emotion."

"This has got to stop!" Bartiromo insisted. "How do we stop this, Candace? Real quick, you said take the kids out of school. How do you ensure that the curriculum is not biased the way it is right now?"

"It is biased!" Owens agreed. "I think parents need to start suing schools."

You can watch the video below via YouTube.

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