Seth Meyers: "Trump was Fox's big star, and defending him was their No. 1 mission"

The late-night host calls out Fox News for desperately trying to turn everything Joe Biden says into a scandal

Published March 18, 2021 4:30AM (EDT)

The News Corp. building on 6th Avenue, home to Fox News, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal (Kevin Hagen/Getty Images)
The News Corp. building on 6th Avenue, home to Fox News, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal (Kevin Hagen/Getty Images)

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"Late Night" host Seth Meyers' "Closer Look" segment focused on the failure of Fox News to turn President Joe Biden into someone people hate. He noted that it's really difficult to hate someone who's making good on campaign promises and delivering legislation that people want.

After the network went through a month trying to manifest culture wars with whatever conspiracy they could find in a comment thread, they've now tried to concoct scandals that don't even make sense.

The first one, Meyers explained, was after Biden's address to the nation where he said that if everyone does their part, gets vaccinated, wears masks, and continues to be cautious, Americans could be celebrating Independence Day like we're all back to normal again.

Fox News twisted that simple statement to mean that Biden was going to cancel the Fourth of July.

"He's not!" Meyers shouted. "You're all free to do whatever you want in your backyard! I invite all of you to go to Tucker's house for a barbecue where I'm sure he puts out Coors Light and drinks the SamAdams you brought. Sane people knew what Biden was saying. Most people have been following public health advice because they don't want to get their friends and family sick and vice versa. But if we all do our part we can safely gather again this summer. It wasn't a directive. It wasn't a mandate. It wasn't an executive order it was a suggestion like 'you should wear a helmet on your motorcycle.' Or 'don't eat raw chicken.' But, over at Fox News, the slogan may as well be, 'We RUN with scissors!"

Meyers explained that Fox News is so desperate to play the victim that they'll take the tiniest suggestion and turn it into a scandal about Democrats trying to destroy your life.

Their latest scandal is slamming Biden because he's not thanking Donald Trump for the coronavirus vaccine. In fact, Trump had no role in creating the vaccine. It was a claim he made back in December while he was still in office.

"The vaccines – and by the way, don't let Joe Biden take credit for the vaccine . . . Don't let him take credit for the vaccines, because the vaccines were me," said Trump in the Oval Office.

Forbes reported at the time: "The evidence shows Donald Trump had no role in creating the vaccines to fight COVID-19. There is nothing in the record that warrants him taking 'credit' for the vaccines. A review of events shows immigrants and immigrant-led companies created the vaccines."

In the case of Moderna's vaccine, French-born CEO Stéphane Bancel began work to design the vaccine in Jan. 2020. Trump didn't even announce Operation Warp Speed until May 15. In fact, at the time that Moderna began working on the vaccine, Trump wasn't even acknowledging that the virus was real. He was still downplaying it as nothing more than "the flu."

Further, Trump had an opportunity to buy as many vaccines as he wanted from pharmaceutical companies. He refused. By contrast, when Biden came into office he began buying up vaccines and implementing the Defense Production Act to get more made. It meant that people could be vaccinated quicker and the country could get back to normal faster. Trump was never fully able to understand that the economy was linked to the virus and the safety that people feel.

"The Fox & Friends" glossed over the fact that over 500,000 Americans have died to attack that Biden not only refused to give Trump credit for inventing the vaccine, he "kicked him in the groin."

"Well, Biden doesn't need to kick Trump in the groin, he already looks like he got kicked in the groin," joked Meyers.

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