Sarah K Burris

Kayleigh McEnany; Donald Trump
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany inadvertently reveals Trump's bank account information Sarah K Burris
Donald Trump; Martha McSally
Trump pulled McConnell aside to express alarm about Martha McSally's tanking poll numbers: report Sarah K Burris
David Perdue
Republican senator misleadingly compares COVID-19 to car crashes in leaked audio recording Sarah K Burris
Michael Flynn Delayed Sentencing
Lawyers ask appeals court to force district judge to dismiss Michael Flynn case despite guilty plea Sarah K Burris
Devin Nunes
Judge says defamation lawsuit filed by Nunes family may be dismissed without more evidence Sarah K Burris
Steve King
Republican Jewish Coalition backs Steve King's opponent after "inflammatory" white supremacy remarks Sarah K Burris
Steven Mnuchin, Louise Linton, Leonard Olijar
Taxpayers paid Trump Org. more than $33,000 after Steve Mnuchin moved into president's hotel: report Sarah K Burris
Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected plea for ventilators from the UK: report Sarah K Burris
Donald Trump; Dr. Bandy Lee
Yale psychiatrist: No one would think twice about having Trump evaluated if he weren't president Sarah K Burris
Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain "became even more fearful" about COVID-19 response after seeing ineptitude of Kushner Sarah K Burris
Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted to hospital after positive COVID-19 test Sarah K Burris
Trump's "Art of the Deal" coauthor claims George Conway has told others that Kellyanne is in a cult Sarah K Burris
Donald Trump; Paula White
Trump "spiritual adviser" Paula White begs for cash to heal the "soul sick" during COVID-19 pandemic Sarah K Burris
Meghan McCain on The View
Meghan McCain slams Trump administration’s coronavirus response: "We’re too far gone at this point" Sarah K Burris
Meghan McCain on The View
Meghan McCain scolds White House for mishandling coronavirus response: I "call out BS" when I see it Sarah K Burris