Donald Trump tells Sean Hannity that GOP must run on his MAGA agenda in 2022 "if they want to win"

"If you want to win and win big, you have to do that"

Published April 20, 2021 6:31AM (EDT)

Tomi Lahren (Getty/Rich Polk)
Tomi Lahren (Getty/Rich Polk)

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President Donald Trump urged Republicans to run on his "Make America Great Agenda" even though it cost the GOP control of the House of Representatives in 2018 followed by the White House and Senate in 2020.

Trump was interviewed on Monday by Fox News personality Sean Hannity, who started the interview by lavishing praise on the Florida retiree.

Hannity asked if Republicans should continue the approach that cost them both chambers of Congress and the White House on Trump's watch.

"Should this now be the Republican Party agenda? Should anybody that wants to run for the House or the Senate -- should they take this "Make America Great" agenda and fight for those things that you fought for the four years you were president?" Hannity asked.

"If they want to win, yes," Trump replied. "We've expanded the Republican Party."

"If you want to win and win big, you have to do that," Trump argued.

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