Fox segment goes off the rails as hosts decry activists "trying to take down white culture"

The discussion centered around — what else — "critical race theory"

Published June 10, 2021 4:30AM (EDT)

Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt discuss critical race theory on Fox and Friends. (Getty Images)
Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt discuss critical race theory on Fox and Friends. (Getty Images)

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The hosts of Fox & Friends on Wednesday claimed that white people are being "marginalized" by an effort to provide racial justice education in schools.

Hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade expressed angst while discussing the possibility that schools are teaching "critical race theory," a term that they did not define.

"They're not acknowledging any improvement in our culture, the gains made, how we are more equal, even despite our faults, than any other country," Kilmeade said. "The other thing is they are not only trying to raise up minorities and make sure the playing field is even, they're trying to take down the white culture."

"This generation of Americans wonders why aren't we all Americans?" he continued. "Why are we being marginalized on a daily basis based on our gender, our sexuality, and the color of our skin. And it's not even subtle! It is actually out there! It is written in black and white!"

Kilmeade went on to compare critical race theory with "other civil rights movements in our past."

"We've seen the enemy and it's white people and they wonder why people have a problem with it!" he exclaimed.

Earhardt argued that children should be taught Bible lessons instead of having discussions about race.

"It's pretty simple what most families in America are teaching their kids and that's the Golden Rule, to love others as yourself," Earhardt opined. "Don't see people for skin color. We look to the Bible in my house. We love everybody. Everyone was created by God and we live in this great country where you can be anything that you want to be and you can be an individual."

"They're trying to lump them in a group based on race," she added. "I want my daughter to be autonomous. She can stand on her own two feet. She can be an individual and be exactly who she wants to be and using the desires that God has given her for a bright future."

Doocy suggested that racism has been solved because former President Barack Obama is a Black man.

"It was just a couple of years ago where the United States of America elected an African-American as president of the United States," he said. "You know, the biggest entertainers, the biggest sports stars are African-Americans."

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