Would you eat a green bean sandwich? The internet is divided

Love the idea or hate it, don't knock it 'til you've tried it

Published July 20, 2021 10:30PM (EDT)

 (Alpha Smoot / Food52)
(Alpha Smoot / Food52)

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Crunchy, crispy, and vibrant as can be, green beans are practically one of the seven wonders of the world. Right? Right. We're obsessed with them year-round, but especially during spring and summer, when they're at their peak (like . . . right now!). But frankly, the same dish of sautéed green beans with slivered almonds and lemon zest can get a little boring time and time again. We're always looking for new ways to highlight seasonal produce to change things up a bit. Food editor Emma Laperruque does this time and time again, asking questions like "What If Latkes Were Made With...Asparagus?" and baking feta with fresh strawberries. Leave it to recipe developer and frequent Food52 contributor Caroline Lange to come up with a totally new and innovative way to serve green beans — in the form of a sandwich!

To make this beautiful bite, slices of focaccia are topped with the slices of mozzarella and are baked until the bread is toasted and cheese has melted. Then, a generous scoop of the marinated oily, vinegar-y beans are piled high on the bread for a vegetarian sandwich that balances the texture of creamy cheese, soft bread, and crisp beans. Simple and easy, right?

Yes . . . and no. Turns out, our Instagram followers were pretty divided over the concept of a green bean sandwich. One user commented, "I'm reporting this," to which Patrick Moynihan, our Director of Social Media, wrote "please don't, it's just a sandwich." Seriously people, It. Is. Just. A. Sandwich!

Some commenters said while they weren't totally sold on the idea, they would try to keep an open mind. "I don't hate this," wrote Instagram user petervourloumis. Others didn't seem to have strong opinions about the sandwich in general, but they were proud to see the Food52 social media team defending the sandwich — and clapping back at what we'd consider some pretty aggressive takes for what is ultimately vegetables inside of bread. (Oh, and for the last time, social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook are not run by interns!).

Fortunately, there were plenty of users on the right side of history. "Just ate this last night and it's stupid good," said user bexbakesalot. Another recalled eating a similar sandwich from Fra's, an Italian sandwich shop in Rhode Island that actually served as the inspiration for Caroline's creation: "I remember this sandwich from Fra's! I only had it once and have always wanted to recreate it at home. Thanks!" You're welcome, stacey_bodz.

Love the idea or hate it (but let's be honest, there's really no reason not to love it), don't knock it 'til you've tried it . . . and especially don't come for poor Patrick in the comments section.

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