Florida’s COVID surge is so huge, it's causing a water shortage in Orlando

Orlando relies on liquid oxygen to clean its water supply, but there's not enough of it to go around

Published August 21, 2021 4:00AM (EDT)

Tap water in a clear glass drinking glass. (Getty Images)
Tap water in a clear glass drinking glass. (Getty Images)

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Orlando is facing a water shortage as COVID-19 surges in the Sunshine State.

On Friday, WFTV interrupted a speech on Afghanistan by President Joe Biden to deliver the breaking news on a water shortage.

"It is rare that we would break in to the president speaking, but we have some important breaking news out of Orlando right now that could impact how much water you can use on your lawn and maybe even further than that," anchor Greg Warmoth reported.

Warmoth reported that the Orlando Utilities Commission is urging residents to immediately begin conserving water.

The utility relies upon liquid oxygen to clean the city's water supply, but is running into shortages due to the spread of the pandemic in Florida, where GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis has banned many public health measures to limit the spread of coronavirus.

"Liquid oxygen is now in short supply due to a record number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, and OUC said its supply is running low," the network reported. "Liquid oxygen removes hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas, from the water. The gas, if not removed, gives the water a strong rotten egg smell."

"This is so crazy," WFTV reporter Lauren Seabrook tweeted. "Orlando residents need to conserve water immediately!"

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