10 decor DIYs for a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving

Oh, and they're all super easy to accomplish

Published November 19, 2021 11:00AM (EST)


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Is fall the best time to DIY? I tend to think so. Coming off the go-go-go heels of summer and into a slower-paced season, we'll likely all have a little more time to plan for Thanksgiving and holiday hosting, neither of which is complete without a little decor. Below, find our favorite Thanksgiving decor DIYs, from foraged leaves and acorns as interior accents to fresh gourds acting as a number of vessels.

1. Gourd candleholders

How stinking cute are these little gourds turned candleholders? These are as simple as carving a pumpkin (no fancy equipment needed), but they make for a decidedly bespoke (and thoughtful!) accent.

2. Wooden bead garland

If you're the type who doesn't do a ton of seasonal decorating, but you still want to add a bit of fall into your home, this is a great DIY that will last throughout the year. You can string wooden beads together for everything from small coffee-table accents to longer garlands for a mantel or doorway — the choice is yours!

3. Pressed leaves

Pressed leaves are just as gorgeous whether they're bright green or varying autumnal shades. All it takes is an afternoon of collecting and a couple days to press between books, and they're ready to frame.

4. Painted acorns

Just like a pressed leaf, the time required by this DIY is mostly spent collecting acorns around the yard. Once you have a pile of them, you can paint them any assortment of colors you want, though these are lovely with different shades of metallic.

5. Cinnamon stick candles

Don't you feel like you can almost smell these cinnamon-wrapped candles through the screen? I'm imagining how lovely it would be with a vanilla-scented candle, too.

6. Wrapped wheat stalks

Maybe you're like me and have a pack of multicolored embroidery floss hanging around just waiting for this project, or maybe you need to order a pack online. Either way, this is an easy-peasy project you can do in an afternoon.

7. Yarn pumpkins

OK, sure, you can get real pumpkins at the patch and display them on your porch and in your house, but these little yarn guys will last for years to come in a decorative bowl or even strung into a garland.

8. Pine cone garland

This is the last time I'll suggest foraging outside for fall decor…maybe. But look how perfectly autumnal these pine cone garlands are! They'll do double duty for Christmas time, too.

9. Pumpkin vase

Did you know that pumpkins (and squash, and all manner of gourds) are the perfect natural vessel for a bunch of flowers? Prepare one in the usual way by cutting off the top and scooping out the inside, but instead of carving the pumpkin into a jack-o'-lantern, plop a jar with water and flowers inside. And if you need tips for how to make it last longer, we've got you.

10. Dried orange slices

While we might have fallen in love with the dried orange slices for Christmas decor, they certainly don't need to stop there. Instead of hanging them off of green garlands, cluster them together as a warm tablescape on a Thanksgiving table.

By Caroline Mullen

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