Aldi’s best Christmas food gifts are all under $10

Our favorite discount grocery store just got a festive upgrade

Published December 18, 2021 1:29PM (EST)

 (Rocky Luten / Food52)
(Rocky Luten / Food52)

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If you've been reading Food52 for a while (welcome back!), you know that we love Aldi, the German-family owned discount supermarket chain. It's also beloved worldwide for its can't-believe-your-eyes prices and creative food finds. While you can score quality food and drink from Aldi year-round, we think that, like most things, it shines brightest during the holiday season. If you're looking for a quick and inexpensive (Yet thoughtful! Delicious! Different!) gift for family members, co-workers, neighbors, that guy you have only gone on four dates with, your mailman, or your favorite barista, look no further than these festive food gifts straight from our go-to Christmas retailer.

1. Desert Heat Hot Sauce Gift Set, $4.99

For the person who insists that they don't want anything for Christmas, consumables are always a good idea. And at under $5, the price is right on this four-pack (though it looks way more expensive).

2. Specially Selected Premium Shrimp Ring, $8.99

It's not the holiday season without a shrimp ring and cocktail sauce. Fortunately for festive partygoers everywhere, this one will be released in Aldi stores on Dec. 22, just in time for a delicious Christmas (Shrimpmas?) gathering.

3. Simply Nature PB&J Bites, $4.69

Is there anything particular Christmas-y about PB&J bites? Not really. But in the spirit of giving, I had to share these adorable, poppable snacks, which will be available in Aldi stores on December 29th.

4. El Sabroso Holiday Tortilla Chips, $1.89

What's red and green and salty all over? These Christmas tortilla chips from Aldi that ring in at under $2.

5. Crafty Cooking Kits Elf on the Shelf Baking Kits, $3.49

Little ones are OBSESSED with their Elf on the Shelf and now they can decorate holiday sugar cookies that look just like their silly Christmas pals. But unlike the real Elf, you can touch these (which is a good thing because they're so sweet and delicious).

6. Nestle Disco Semi-Sweet & Edible Glitter Morsels, $2.48

I mean, this is just totally and completely epic. Chocolate chips tossed with edible glitter are just begging to be baked with for New Year's Eve.

7. Specialty Selected Brioche Star, $5.99

From now on, I will be requesting all of my bread (all! of! it!) to come in this festive shape that glistens like the star of Bethlehem.

8. Berryhill Lemon Curd, $2.79

If you're hosting guests for the holidays, bake a batch of scones for breakfast and serve this tangy lemon curd alongside them so you can say "oh, it was no trouble at all" and mean it.

9. Reggano Christmas Shaped Pasta, $.99

Upgrade your go-to quick and easy pasta recipe with these festive red and green cut-outs from Aldi (is that Santa and his sleigh?).

10. Emporium Selection Gouda Holiday Trees, $3.99

Who needs an actual Frasier Fir when Aldi is fully stocked with these under $4 packages of pre-cut tree-shaped tree bites?

11. Clancy's Pretzel Rods or Holiday Shapes, $4.29

Pretzel rods feel so right for Christmas snacking. They're usually dipped in white or milk chocolate and sprinkled with red and green glitter for a treat that we'll never, ever get sick of.

12. Benton's Holiday Music Tins, $5.99

Another huge bargain from Aldi! These musical tins are filled with sugar cookies cut out in festive shapes. But wait . . . musical tins? That's right — each one plays classic holiday songs like "O Christmas Tree," "Winter Wonderland" and "Let it Snow" whenever you open it.

13. Simply Nature Organic Pesto Genovese or Rosso, $2.99

The reason why we and so many people love Aldi so much is that you can get organic pesto that tastes like the basil was grown under the Tuscan sun for just $2.99. Maybe it was and maybe you should serve this on a cheeseboard with balls of bocconcini arranged in the shape of a Christmas wreath (you definitely should).

14. liveGfree Assorted Varieties Donuts, $4.49

Look no further for the perfect Christmas morning breakfast than these cranberry studded donuts, which are gluten-free so hopefully everyone at your table can grab one and enjoy.

15. Baker's Corner Christmas Jumbo Cookie Kit, $4.99

Obviously I will be baking with this Aldi cookie kit that dubs itself "Reindeer crunch" — what this means in human terms is a white chocolate cranberry cookie mix with pecan pieces to mix throughout.

16. Nestle Morsels & More Peppermint Hot Cocoa, $3.48

Oh what fun it is to bake with this trio of festive mixes that includes mini marshmallows, swirled peppermint squares, and milk chocolate morsels. Scatter them in milk chocolate bark, fold them into sugar cookie dough, or sprinkle them on top of a cup of hot cocoa.

17 Priano Christmas Gnocchi, $1.99

Reader, when I tell you that I zoomed in on this photo of "Christmas gnocchi" and said "you've got to be kidding me . . ." my heart cannot handle the fact that these mini potato dumplings are formed into the shape of mittens and Santa hats. This is exactly why we love Aldi.

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