Watch: Trump comes up empty when asked a very simple question about Republicans in power

When asked by Newsmax, Trump failed to name a single thing the GOP could do with control of Congress

Published January 18, 2022 4:32PM (EST)

President Donald Trump; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Getty/Salon)
President Donald Trump; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Getty/Salon)

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When former President Donald Trump appeared on right-wing Newsmax TV this week, he was asked about the 2022 midterms and the things he would like Republicans to prioritize if they regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives. But Trump didn't offer any specific policy recommendations should the GOP have a House majority in 2023 and seemed to ignore the substance of the question entirely.

Newsmax TV, a Fox News competitor, prides itself on being more right-wing and more pro-Trump than Fox News and Fox Business.

"Sounds like the Republicans are going to take back control of Congress," the interviewer asked, "and what would you like to see them do?"

Trump responded, "Number 1: take back. That's what has to be Number 1; we have to take it back."


Trump was asked by Newsmax what Republicans should do first if they retake Congress. He didn't offer an

— Aaron Rupar (@Aaron Rupar) 1642440683

Obviously referring to the Democratic majorities in Congress, Trump continued, "These are radicalized, horrible people that hate our country — what they're doing with the open borders and the judges and all of the things they've been doing is so sad. And then you look at Afghanistan is a topper…. We were coming out strong, with dignity. There's never been a lower point than what happened with Afghanistan, in my opinion. So, we've gotta, Number 1, we've gotta win the House — and I think we can win the Senate also."

Despite Trump's claim that Democrats have enacted an "open borders" policy, Biden has actually preserved many of his predecessors' immigration policies, much to the dismay of some critics on his left. The borders are in no sense "open."

Here are some responses to Newsmax's Trump interview:

I just checked the tape \u2014 not only did Trump fail to name a single thing a GOP majority should do, the interviewer failed to follow up and ask again.\u00a0\u2026

— Brian Stelter (@Brian Stelter) 1642444238

\u201cThese are radicalized, horrible people that hate our country\u2026\

— Jo (@Jo) 1642441254

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There is no republican agenda. I mean there just isn\u2019t. It\u2019s cut taxes for the very wealthy and control power that\u2019s literally it.

— Eric Gallion (@Eric Gallion) 1642440817


I think he\u2019s also so focused on winning that he doesn\u2019t give a damn about the governance part so he doesn\u2019t think about it and has no answers for questions that require thought and application.

— Devin Nunes' Cancelled Cultures (@Devin Nunes' Cancelled Cultures) 1642442159


\u201cTake a look out at Afghanistan\u2026the way came out..we were coming out\u2026we were coming out strong\u201d\n\nCan someone at the New York Times interpret this rambling for us. I am sure it\u2019s sheer genius

— Look here, Jack (@Look here, Jack) 1642441679


Translation: I have no idea what they should do other than win. And I just want them to win so I can get back into office and get that sweet sweet Presidential protection from prosecution back.

— The Godfather of 1690 (@The Godfather of 1690) 1642441252


They have no platform!!! The mess in Afghanistan was because of HIS deal with the Taliban. The border policies are HIS remain in Mexico policy. If they gain control again\u2026NOTHING will be done for the people in this country again. Nothing will be done about climate.

— evie \u10e6 \ud83d\ude37 (@evie \u10e6 \ud83d\ude37) 1642449697

Nope, no ideas. And he made the deal with the Taliban and HE allowed 5000 prisoners go.

— That Vaccinated Karen (@That Vaccinated Karen) 1642440910

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