Alex Henderson

Donald Trump; Richard Nixon
Former Watergate prosecutor explains why Trump is "more dangerous than Nixon" Alex Henderson
Donald Trump
Working for President Trump can make it difficult to find a date in Washington: report Alex Henderson
Bernie Sanders
Sanders scorches Bloomberg's debate performance: "Trump will chew him up and spit him out" Alex Henderson
Donald Trump; Rush Limbaugh
President Trump urged Rush Limbaugh to "never apologize" for homophobic remarks about Pete Buttigieg Alex Henderson
Jane Fonda
Ohio's GOP secretary of state calls on Kent State to cancel commemoration speech from Jane Fonda Alex Henderson
DOJ appears to have abandoned possible Deutsche Bank case involving Russian money laundering scandal Alex Henderson
Alexander Vindman
Impeachment witness Alexander Vindman won't be probed despite President Trump’s urging, Army says Alex Henderson
US President Donald Trump
Federal court unanimously strikes down Trump administration plan to kick some people off of Medicaid Alex Henderson
William Barr
William Barr to testify before House committee following outcry over Roger Stone’s sentencing Alex Henderson
Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg is "paying influencers" to make his 2020 campaign "seem cool": report Alex Henderson
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren "virtually erased" from mainstream media coverage following Iowa debacle: report Alex Henderson
Mitt Romney
Utah newspaper applauds Mitt Romney for "doing the right thing": He "could have ducked this one" Alex Henderson
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
Former Republican slams Jared Kushner's arrogance: He has spent his entire career working for dad Alex Henderson
Devin Nunes (R-CA)
Devin Nunes’ hometown paper endorses his rival: The Republican has "continued to fail his district" Alex Henderson
Donald Trump
Nobel Prize-winning economist: Trump is "wrong" to claim his economic policies help the middle-class Alex Henderson