"Ban all birth control," Says Trump-endorsed GOP candidate

MAGA candidate Jacky Eubanks says contraception goes against God's "moral order"

Published May 21, 2022 4:00AM (EDT)

Young woman holding birth control pills blister pack (Getty Images/Dimitri Otis)
Young woman holding birth control pills blister pack (Getty Images/Dimitri Otis)

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Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for Michigan state representative said this week that she would vote in favor of legislation banning all contraception, which she said is against God's "moral order."

During an interview with Catholic journalist Michael Voris of Church Militant, MAGA candidate Jacky Eubanks was asked how she'd respond to accusations that she is a "loony" who wants to ban contraception.

Eubanks responded by saying she would indeed vote to scrap contraception.

"Would that ever come to a vote in the Michigan state legislature, and if it should, I would have to side with it should not be legal," she said. "I think that people believe that birth control is better... because, 'Oh then you won't get pregnant and you won't need to have an abortion.' But I think it gives people the false sense of security that they can have consequence-free sex. And that's not true! Sex ought to be between one man and one woman in the confines of marriage... and open to life. Absolutely."

Elsewhere in the interview, Eubanks argued that "you cannot have a successful society outside of the Christian moral order and things like abortion and things like gay marriage are outside of the Christian moral order, and they lead to chaos and destruction and a culture of death."

In addition to her devotion to eradicating what she sees as immoral sexual practices, Eubanks is a staunch supporter of thrice-married serial adulterer Donald Trump, who once openly boasted of being able to grab women's genitals without suffering any negative consequences.

Watch an excerpt of the interview below:

By Brad Reed


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