Dominion calls out Fox News for failing to produce evidence of fraud: "They can't do it"

Dominion's attorney took the company's complaints to a judge

Published February 9, 2023 1:30PM (EST)

Voting Machines | Fox News Logo (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images)
Voting Machines | Fox News Logo (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images)

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Dominion Voting Systems is calling out the Fox News network and its parent company for failure to produce substantial evidence to support their claims of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

According to CNBC, the company is sounding off because they are less than two months away from the trial pertaining to the defamation lawsuit against the news network.

The remarks were made on Wednesday, February 8 when attorneys for both parties appeared before a Superior Court judge in Delaware.

The news outlet reports: "An attorney for Dominion said there was concern regarding certification requirements and evidence — such as certain board meeting minutes and the results of searches of personal drives — that have yet to be produced by Fox and its cable TV networks. While this issue was already raised in July and January, the Dominion attorney said Wednesday they are still missing documents."

Justin Nelson, one of the attorneys representing Dominion, verbalized his concerns.

"We have not gotten anything. We pointed out categories of missing documents for both Fox News and Fox Corp that are still missing. And we are not talking about a document slipping through ... we are talking about categories of documents," said Nelson.

He also said that the legal team representing Fox news legal team would "ask the hard questions about missing documents so that we didn't have to do it and engage in further discovery practice."

"And that just hasn't happened," Nelson said, "and I understand why because they can't do it."

However, Dan Webb, an attorney representing Fox News, argues otherwise.

"The parties are having problems on both sides," Webb said. "I think 70,000 documents were recently produced on damages, which is a huge issue in this case, that were late produced."

The latest arguments come months after Dominion filed its defamation suit against the network for its circulation of reports of widespread voter fraud where the voting technology company was accused of wrongdoing.

CNBC's full report is available at this link.

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