"It's a movie about a doll!" : "The View" mocks right-wing "Barbie" haters who feel "emasculated"

"I love my Barbie," Whoopi Goldberg said as she displayed her boots with Barbie heads embedded in the platform heel

By Nardos Haile

Staff Writer

Published July 25, 2023 3:55PM (EDT)

Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" (ABC/Lou Rocco)
Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" (ABC/Lou Rocco)

On Tuesday "The View" hosts blasted right-wing personalities and politicians for their staunch anti-woke brigade against "Barbie."

The film which focuses on themes of girlhood and feminism caused a firestorm with conservatives like Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Matt Gaetz and Ben Shapiro — targeting yet another film at the center of the right-wing culture wars. 

Host Whoopi Goldberg expressed frustration with conservatives: "I thought y'all would be happy. [Barbie] has no genitalia so there's no sex involved. Ken has no genitalia so he can't be doing it," she said.

Conservative host Alyssa Farah Griffin stated that many of her Republican and Democrat friends saw the film and "right-wing influencers are actually out of touch with actual Republicans," mentioning the conservative backlash with Bud Light and trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney as an example.

"Also, I'm so taken by these right-wing men who have all these thoughts on masculinity like somehow the Barbie movie is going to make them feel emasculated. No, caring so much about it is honestly the most emasculating thing I can think about," Griffin said.

Host Joy Behar took a dig at Gaetz, addressing prior allegations of sex trafficking and having sex with a 17-year-old girl. "It's rated PG-13 — that's his crowd," she said.

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