"Stranger Things" fan divorced husband and was scammed out of 10K by a catfish Dacre Montgomery

The woman reveals the scam in the YouTube web series "Catfished"

By Nardos Haile

Staff Writer

Published August 17, 2023 2:18PM (EDT)

Dacre Montgomery as Billy in "Stranger Things"  (Netflix)
Dacre Montgomery as Billy in "Stranger Things" (Netflix)

A "Stranger Things" fan claims she was catfished by a person impersonating actor Darce Montgomery, alleging that the scammer conned her out of more than $10,000.

McKala, who only goes by her first name in the YouTube web series "Catfished", shared that she divorced her husband for the person pretending to be Montgomery (whom plays Billy Hargrove on Netflix's retro sci-fi series). She met the alleged scammer in an online forum for creatives, and the two "hit it off, but of course I'm suspicious from the get go until he starts doing things that make me believe that he is who he is," McKala said.

The single mom said that the impersonator told her that his relationship with his girlfriend Liv Pollock was coming to an end because of Pollock's behavior. McKala, who said she was in an unhappy marriage with a "toxic" partner related to the catfish because her ex was that way. The impersonator told her that his girlfriend controlled his bank accounts, so McKala then would send him money over the course of a year. 

McKala was convinced that the scammer was Montegomery when they told her to watch the Season 4 episode of Stranger Things titled "Dear Billy." The episode featured the return of Montgomery's character after he had been killed off the previous season. The scammer also sent her poems that mimicked Montgomery's writing style from his poetry collection.

Montgomery's team has not commented on the claims.

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