"Don't worry about that": Stormy Daniels says Trump told her to not be concerned about Melania

The adult film star described in excruciating detail an alleged 2006 encounter with a future president

Published May 7, 2024 1:44PM (EDT)

Stormy Daniels (Britta Pedersen/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Stormy Daniels (Britta Pedersen/picture alliance via Getty Images)

In her testimony on Tuesday, Stormy Daniels told the court that former President Donald Trump told her not to worry about his wife, Melania Trump, during their alleged sexual encounter in 2006.

Daniels, an adult film star, described a “very brief” conversation between her and Trump about Melania, saying it took place in his hotel room after they met at a celebrity golf tournament. According to Daniels, she asked Trump about this wife and he told her it wouldn't be an issue.

“Oh don’t worry about that, we don’t sleep in the same room,” Trump said, according to Daniels, as ABC News reported

Daniels went on to describe painful details about their alleged sexual encounter. She divulged that when she returned from a trip to the bathroom, she found the former president sitting on the bed in his boxers and a t-shirt. The bed he was sitting on blocked her exit from the bathroom and it was then that Daniels, who had planned on leaving, realized the situation she was in, she said.

"What did I misread to get here?" Daniels remembered thinking, according to her testimony.

Daniels went on to say that she regretted having sex with the former president while he seemed to have enjoyed it. “Oh, it was great. Let’s get together again, honey bunch,” she claimed he said, NBC News reported.

Daniels said it was difficult for her to get dressed afterward because her hands were shaking. “I just left as fast as I could," she testified.

Daniels added that she experienced regret for allowing the incident to happen. “I felt ashamed that I didn’t stop it and that I didn’t say 'no,'” she explained.


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